The Perks of Using Bespoke Roman Blinds

Bespoke roman blinds have been one of the best types of curtains not only because of their style and sophisticated design, but also the fact that you can get a customized curtain for your window. We all know that windows are not made with similar patterns and measurements so you cannot say that all the roman blinds on the market can be used for your window. Bespoke roman blinds allow you to buy a curtain depending on the measurement that you want. You can even choose the design and style of the roman blinds.

Roman blinds

We all have our own reasons why we consider bespoke roman blinds. We can always opt for regular curtains, but roman blinds are considered as one of the best types of curtains, especially in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the reasons why bespoke roman blinds became extremely popular worldwide.

If you are not sure if there are any roman blinds that will fit in your window, bespoke blinds can be a great choice. Some people are spending a lot of money in buying roman blinds expecting them to fit the window after buying. You have to remember that it will be very hard to repair a roman blind compared to regular curtains. If you want to make sure that the blinds will fit, consider a bespoke roman blind and get the measurements of your window.

This type of blind will work well with custom made windows. It is better to ask for assistance on how to measure your windows for the blinds to make sure that you won’t make a mistake in providing the measurements to the curtain suppliers.

Actually, blinds don’t have complicated designs like regular curtains, but you can always suggest your own specific designs for the bespoke roman blind. Some curtain suppliers allow their clients to provide them with ideas or specific designs that they want for the roman blinds and the cost will be calculated based on what the customer wants. However, there are some designs that might be impossible for the suppliers so if they ask you to make some changes on the designs or colours, do it.

Most of you are probably hesitant to consider bespoke roman blinds because they are not as flashy as the other types of curtains. To be honest, roman blinds are already considered as designer curtains because their style is already elegant. They can match any kind of interior design and they are perfect for any type of windows.

There are a lot of curtain suppliers out there that might provide what you are looking for, but you need to be very careful because some of them are not offering high quality curtains. When it comes to bespoke roman blinds, the measurements and all the other factors are very important so the curtain supplier needs to make sure that all the demands of the customers are met. It is also the reason why you should only consider bespoke roman blinds on trusted sources.

Simple Ways to Reduce Cord Related Deaths and Accidents in Roman Blinds

In the past couple of years, household owners have been experiencing a lot of trouble with their window blinds. The increasing number of roman blind accidents to children is causing a lot of problems to manufacturers.

In 2009, a 2-year old child was strangled to death because of a window-blind cord. A lot of people are already complaining about this in the past, but only a few companies actually reacted and improved the safety features of their roman blinds.


Deaths and accidents are inevitable, but the fact that even blinds can injure or kill children is something that every blind manufacturer should consider. What are the things that they need to do to improve the safety features of the blinds? Is there a way to reduce the number of accidents related to window blinds? It is true that it is the responsibility of the parents to watch over their children, but the blinds and the blinds should always be safe to use inside the house.

Kurtinz, together with other blind suppliers, took the time to check all the blinds that they are offering and included safety features in the manufacturing. As household owners, it is also a part of your responsibility to make sure that the roman blinds installed in your house is safe for your children. Kurtinz and other blind suppliers are already contributing so you should also take action.

The use of cord cleat has been extremely helpful in making the roman blinds safe for kids. It can be used for Venetian, vertical, pleated, roller and roman blinds. A cord cleat is known as a small and simple device that is usually installed high into an adjacent wall. The cords from your roman blinds can be placed on the cord cleat and leave it out of children’s reach.

Chord Cleat
A cord securing clip may also be used if you don’t want the loops to be reached by the children. This is compatible for roller, vertical and Roman blinds. This is the same as the cord cleat and it should be mounted into an adjacent wall. The loop will be secured by the P-shaped clip so the children won’t easily reach it.

If you do not want to use a cord cleat or a cord securing clip, you can completely eliminate the chain loop with the use of a chain tassel. This kind of safety device can be used for Venetian, roller, vertical and roman blinds. You will be using a single length chain with tassels attached on every end.

Aside from these simple devices, you should also make some adjustments on the design of the interior. The windows should be a bit far from any other furniture that children may use. If you think that the children can climb in specific furniture close to your window, remove it and change its position.

Accidents are inevitable, but you can significantly reduce the number of blind-related accidents to children if you are going to be aware on the possible solutions to prevent this problem.

Grab A Look At Created To Evaluate Curtains for Effective House Decor

Decorating a house is not at all a challenging process since the progress of customized alternatives has gotten down your buying risk to a lowest level. For example, the ‘made to measure curtains’ has thieved the heart of many internal developing customers.

The designed to measure curtains is an frustrating idea that aid to indicate your invisible creative skills. You can just specify your choice of content, shade, going and screen kind to the layer developer and then they may turn your desire into visible form.

The kind of screen is essential since their measurements may vary as it may be L-shaped screen, France screen, moving sash screen, single or dual installed sash screen, and cased screen. The designed to measure curtains can be coloured in black colors of bravo, wine red, violet red and Nearby red as well as in loving light red, white, silver, yellow-colored and soft green light colors.

They are available in different aspects from flower, geometrical, traditional, modern, marked, and simply drapes. Many online layer providers interact with layer professionals to design impressive curtains. They may choose the excellent content and put more initiatives to meet the fashionable needs.

Made to measure curtains bring in convenience and convenience to your space. The set up of layer rod is also an exciting thing where you may opt for train system, rod or pelmet. The layer posts are available in fashionable strong and perfectly designed timber content.

One may enjoy the complete complexity of designed to measure curtains only if he gives the appropriate size of the screen or entrance structure. First look at the total size of the train, and be careful that the curtains should not overlap (maintain 2.5cm width).

If you find that it is difficult to execute statistic by own, better seek the services of the professional to get the job done. Since when once the product is ready, most of the companies will never take liability for size issues as it had to be worked previously.

Make certain that whether you want the curtains to fall up to the ground end or you want it up to the screen ledge. Along with designed to measure curtains you may also order for related components like support, shutters of same content.

They are ideal for infrequent room structure and also fulfill the developing needs of various areas. Try to pick the excellent layer content as it should hold up against any wear & split and diminishing effects. Soft silk, pure cotton, sheets and pillowcases and man-made components are usually employed to create a layer.

And furthermore the interlining will add wealthy look to the designed to measure curtains and could deal up with varying weather circumstances.


Choosing the Right Curtain Fabrics and Designs for Different Rooms

Curtain fabrics are usually ignored when buying curtains because all they care about is the physical appearance of the curtain. Well, the appearance is definitely an important factor, but ignoring the type of fabric may affect the beauty of the curtain as well. You have to remember that the design of the curtain will not matter if it doesn’t fit the interior of the house.

Basically, the different parts of the house are different from each other and there are certain curtain fabrics that you can use for every room. It is true that the fabric supplier will also be an important factor like Clarke and Clarke and more, but there are things that you should also look at when searching for specific curtain fabrics and designs. We will give you some simple suggestions that you can follow to help you choose the right fabrics and designs for a specific room.

Clarke and Clarke Eton fabric

The Best Curtains for Sunny Rooms

Basically, most of us wanted a room with a lot of light, especially if it is located where the sunshine is located. Most people would want a curtain that will allow light in, while keep the prying eyes out. The curtains that you will be using should be light and airy because light coloured curtains will let the light enter and still protect your privacy. If you wanted a sunny room, you should go for blinds with sheer curtains or you can choose a decorative lace half curtain.

The Best Curtains for Shady Rooms

Shady rooms are easier to design since you don’t have to pay a lot of attention on the type of curtain. All you have to do is to match or contrast the design of the Interior. You have to remember that shady rooms don’t have a lot of light and usually, they are located in the part of the house where less light enters. You should opt for light and sheer curtains that are made from voile so the curtains will not block the light from coming in.

The Curtains for your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most private part of the house and of course, the level of privacy on this room should be the highest among the other parts of the house. You should choose a heavy fabric like the blackout fabric. You can also use two different curtains. You can use a darker fabric on the outside and put another curtain on the inside that will match the design of your bedroom. This will help protect your privacy and put a little design on your curtains.

The Curtains for your Dining Room

Basically, curtains for your dining room should match the decoration that the room has. It will depend whether you have an informal or formal eating space. If your dining room is in a formal setting, you should consider a neutral colour like white or cream or you have to make sure that the colour will match the design of the room. As for the informal setting, you are allowed to choose any type of curtain that you want, but you still have to make sure that it will look good once you install it.

3 Facts that Will Make you Buy Ready Made Curtains

We’ve seen a lot of made to measure versus ready-made curtains on the web and as you all know, made to measure curtains always win the argument. It is because most people consider Ready Made curtains as a traditional way of dressing up your window. If you want a modern look, you will choose curtains with a modern design.

The only mistake that they make is that they don’t have any idea that Ready Made curtains are very flexible. It might be true that these curtains are already a thing of the past, but the designs are changing depending on the trends and designers make sure that these curtains will not be left behind.

Though this type of curtain is not really popular nowadays, below are 3 important facts that will change your mind.

Ready Made Curtains are Designed by Professionals


If you are manufacturing and selling designer curtains in the market, would you just let anyone to make designs for the Ready Made Curtains? The competition for designer curtains is very tough, especially in the United Kingdom so you can expect that these suppliers will only hire great designers to create the curtains.

It means that the designs of Ready Made Curtains are made entirely to complement a lot of different interior design ideas. When they are designing these curtains, they make sure that every possible factor is considered including the colour, the type of fabric to be used, the measurement of the curtain and more.

Get Great Curtain Designs for Less

All these designer curtains are expensive, but saving a few pounds will be a great help, especially with problems on finances and spending. Just imagine saving a few pounds and getting a really great design. If you are a designer, you can be very meticulous on the curtain designs that you will buy, but when it comes to Ready Made Curtains, you will never run out of choices.

You can get a lot of different designs from popular designers around the globe without spending a lot of money in hiring a professional. Well, most people hire professionals to help them, but with Ready Made Curtains, you are saving a lot of money by choosing a design by yourself. Choosing is better than thinking of a design that you can use for your windows.

Flexibility on Measurements

The measurement of your window is the most important thing to consider when buying a curtain and most people say that it is also the reason why they never buy Ready Made Curtains. Did you know that these curtains are very flexible and you can adjust them without ruining the design of your interior?

The difference on the measurements is only a few centimetres or inches so you can just adjust the curtain track upwards or you can bring it a bit lower if the curtain is too short. All you have to do is to measure the size of your window, add some adjustments on the measurements and check the curtains offered by the suppliers. You will find different sizes of curtains to choose from.

Ready Made Curtains can be the best and the easiest way to bring a new look to the interior of your house. You just have to know how beneficial it is to use this type of curtain.

The Elegance Of Roman Blinds

There are different window treatments available nowadays. One of the most popular window treatments that UK homeowners can get is roman blinds. People often choose these blinds in their home improvement projects. Almost everyone who is undergoing a home renovation or improvement wanted to take advantage of this type of blinds. Basically, this type of blind is presented as blinds that fold horizontally. They are the most ideal window treatment that can block light.

Roman Blinds

Many homeowners prefer them because they add a luxurious look at home. They also come in a wide range of patterns, textures and fabrics. This is essential for interior design. Likewise, there is a complete colour guide to select from. If you want delicate shades alongside bright tones, you can get the blinds that have these. All of these styles can be found online. Most of the stylist and companies offering home improvement products nowadays resort online. It can help them reach new clients who are trying to suit all possible references. Likewise, homeowners can get information on the companies that offer affordable price range.

What Comes Into Mind When We Talk About Blinds?

The first word the most likely comes into one’s mind when talking about blinds is elegance. Seeing them mounted on windows is truly captivating. They provide something special for homeowners and they create a great feeling and sense of belongingness. Improvement at home is easy to achieve if you will take advantage of this type of blind. You can choose from the different styles available today. Plus, these blinds are durable, which is why you will never have troubles regarding their quality. The overall product is so important to cater to the needs of a certain homeowner.

Apart from being elegant, these blinds have likewise specific purposes. They provide protection from sunlight and other external disturbance. The protection level these blinds offer may vary according to the pattern and style that you choose. If you want an optimize level of protection, choose blackout lining. Make sure to likewise add a liner to the blinds to get total light blockage.

Why Homeowners Must Select The Best Patters For Blinds?

Many homeowners decide to select roman blinds because of the overall functionality it offers. It is not just for show. It can likewise provide protection from the sunlight that homeowners badly needed especially during hot season. In general, you must consider this type of blinds if you are looking for something to optimize your window and at the same time, something that can offer protection.

Chic, Stylish And Affordable Bespoke Roman Blinds

If you want to redecorate your home, bespoke roman blinds should never be missed. There are heaps of choices when it comes to blinds, but custom made roman blinds are the most ideal ones. Home is the most important place for a family. It is just normal to make it the most comfortable place. There are elements of home that must not be taken for granted, and among these are the windows.
Made to Measure Roman Blinds
Getting the right window treatment may take time especially if you can’t find the styles that will complement other home décor. You just got to love made to measure blinds because they can provide you with the freedom of selecting the right fabric, colour and style suitable for your home. Many UK homeowners love custom-made roman blinds. Included here are some of the reasons why homeowners love to decorate with custom roman blinds.

Getting bespoke blinds is just easy – Because this type of blind will be made according to your preference, you wouldn’t have any problems of selecting, unlike the readymade variants. Just make sure to let the maker know the exact specifications that you want in order for them to start working. They can deliver the blinds in two weeks’ time and you will definitely be stunned of how beautiful these blinds are.

People love these blinds – You might notice that your visitors always compliment your décor at home, but having custom made roman blinds will give them another way to compliment your home. They will even ask you where your blinds are made because they also wanted to have these blinds in their own house, too.

Roman blinds can be created using different styles – Roman blinds are great for customisation. Any fabric that will be styled with these blinds will fit perfectly with other furnishing. Plus, it allows distinction among other decorations without overpowering other decoration.

Roman blinds are just easy to maintain and clean – Roman blinds, unlike any other types of blinds, are just easy to clean. You can use the vacuum brush and have a quick run over and you are done cleaning them.

Roman blinds give you the privacy you prefer – Because bespoke roman blinds are made according to your preference, you can now have the privacy that you want. You can have the option of keeping you safe from the outside world without compromising the light passing through.

If you would love to get the best window treatment at home, consider having made to measure roman blinds. It won’t fail you. Plus, your overall home improvement will have a whole new meaning with these blinds.

Understanding the Amazing Facts in Using Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are different compared with the traditional curtains that we had in our homes. It is usually characterised by the way the top part of the curtain is attached to the rail. Most of the traditional style curtains are different because the poles are inserted on the top part of the curtain. It gives a traditional feel on the room.

Pencil pleat curtains are said to be derived from the curtains that are often used on bathrooms. If you will try to look at the appearance of bathroom curtains, it is usually attached to rings that are placed in the pole. Opening and closing the curtains will be much easier compared with traditional curtains.

If you want to know more on how to fit pencil pleat curtains and how it can help in improving your house, here are some of the things that you need to know.

Is it really Beneficial to Choose Pencil pleat curtains?

This is probably one of the questions that most people have when it comes to pencil pleat curtains. They wanted to know if they can benefit from using it rather than the other types.

This type of curtain is unique and classic. Though it is quite different on the traditional type of window dressing, it still offers a traditional look to your windows.

Pencil pleat has two types: the one with a curtain pole and the other with a curtain track. Though they are bought a sub category of pencil pleat, they provide different finished looks.

The curtain pole will require you to add rings to the top of the curtain. It means that the curtain will hang down further than normal because of the space provided by the rings. You need to consider the rings when you are measuring the window.

The curtain track option is using hooks to the pencil pleated section. It will fit snugly in the track and it will glide when you are opening and closing it.

Why would you Buy Pencil Pleat Curtains?

This type of curtain is very popular to a lot of people in the United Kingdom and you can buy them from popular curtain providers like Kurtinz. It means that this kind of curtain is accessible to consumers and it is not as expensive as the other designer curtains.

It is quite simple in nature, but it offers both traditional and sophisticated designs creating a unique balance inside your house.

Before you buy this type of curtain, you need to start with the basics including the size of the window, the usage of the curtain, the colour and design as well as the price. Always remember that these basic factors are important when buying these curtains and the measurements play a vital role as well. One wrong measurement can cause a lot of problems in fitting the curtain to the window. You need to be extra careful and very meticulous when choosing this type of curtain to prevent problems in the installation process.

Shoppers Guide for Bespoke Curtains: Things You Need to Remember

Even with the wide variety of ready-made curtains available in most furnishing shops right now, there are still a good number of homeowners that prefer bespoke curtains for their home decorating projects. The simple reason, of course, is that bespoke curtains can be made according to your style requirements. Having chosen your design inspiration and deciding on the function of your rooms, working on your design project with customized curtains becomes fun — from selecting the fabric, colours and print, as well as the type of heading and embellishments to use. You can even decide the level of quality you want to produce with your customized curtains, so that you save more on cost in the long run. Waiting for the transformation of these different materials put together to finally turn into an elegant piece is something to look forward to.

Bespoke Curtains

Why Go Through The Trouble?

We see a lot of modern contemporary homes in United Kingdom being built with unique designs. With this, you can expect these homes to have windows that are too wide or even smaller than the usual standard measurements. If your home is something like this then purchasing ready-made curtains will just be time consuming, even if they cost much less; this is especially true when you cannot find the kind that fits the overall design of your new home. With mass produced ready-made curtains you cannot very well expect top quality for it. The more unconventional the home design concept, the more you’re better off going for bespoke curtains.

Things to keep in mind

Professional services like Kurtinz recommends a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your bespoke curtains:

Take time to look for variety of design inspiration in magazines and make sure the design is appropriate to the type of room you will be decorating. For instance a reading room or study would require it to have a subdued décor for a relaxing feeling, while a kid’s room must have a design concept that is colorful and fun.

Make appropriate measurement of your window by following certain steps on how to do it. This is important if you plan to purchase your bespoke or made to measure curtains online. Measure your windows with at least 6 inches allowance on both sides. If you want a sill length for your curtain then add more 6 inches from the bottom edge of the window.

Select a fabric that will last longer and can withstand the chemicals used in washing them, dry cleaning for instance for heavy drapes. There are now special fabrics available for use in making curtains like dust-proof fabrics. You may find the use of such fabric to be a bit expensive in the beginning but cost less in the long run as you don’t need to wash your curtains as often. Cleaning them is also a breeze because less dust and dirt accumulates on the surface of the curtain. Unless you’re working with an interior designer then your curtain design must complement the existing design concept of your room. It must stand out so that guests can marvel its beauty but not overpower the rest of the design pieces in your room.

Choosing curtains according to your own style will let you incorporate your personality in it. People who are experts in creating curtains will ensure that you can get all the elements you are looking for once they have finished the project. Another factor why it is a must to have the curtains is that it can fit perfectly to your window. It is a must to know that you are the one who will take the measurements of your window, which is why any problems about fittings will be eliminated.

The Benefits Of Knowing The Best Curtains Supplier

If you really want to achieve your effort of having high quality bespoke curtains , be sure of selecting the best service. Knowing the best supplier with many years of expertise regarding curtain making is a must to consider. Also, you have to know that reputation will play part in choosing the best service. Knowing the top supplier of bespoke curtains will likewise provide amazing deals for you. They will greatly determine the type of result that you want, which is why you have to include the best supplier on your list of getting the best custom-made curtains for your home.

Your Quick Guide in Buying Made to Measure Curtains

Every homeowner wants personality and style in their homes; after their entire home is a sanctuary of peace and comfort. Curtains are one of the most loved pieces of decoration around the house; its design, texture as well as design cut all define the individuality of the homeowners living in it. If you want to show off your distinct style and taste therefore, it would be best to buy a made to measure curtains.


Here’s a short buyer’s guide for made to measure curtains provided by Kurtinz, a professional curtains service provider in United Kingdom.

1. Start with your choice of fabric. Much like wallpaper it’s important that the fabric is decided on up front. In selecting fabrics you must take into consideration its weight, color and texture. Fabrics are differentiated and selected based on how you wish them to complement other major decorative pieces in a room. Some fabrics have a texture that present reflective touch to help disperse elegant lighting in the room; some have very light fabric that adds to the breeziness and feeling of serenity. Likewise, make sure that your choice of fabric is based on your overall decorative concept in the room.


2. Consider your measurement requirements. Made to measure curtains are sewn based on a standard pattern. Our windows, though they vary in sizes, come in standard measurements. However, just basing your curtains on your window size may end you up with buying curtains with less gathered effect. Instead, measure the poles and allow the store to make adjustments. Properly measuring the curtains is accomplished by:

  • Using a metal measuring tape
  • When measuring the width, set up your pole some 6 inches above your window top. Extend the pole so that it becomes wider than the window by 6 – 8 inches.
  • To measure the height, decide on the effect you prefer; by doing so you will then determine whether you will go for a sill length or floor length. Sill length ends 6 inches below the window bottom, while floor length ends ½ inches above the floor. If an appliance or furniture is placed below the window then the principle of the floor length measurement applies.



3. Choose your curtain lining. Linings add purpose to the curtains. If you want to block out day light or bright light from outside the room, for instance a kid’s bedroom, then choose a curtain with a block out lining. If you want a curtain to protect you from both heat and cold then a curtain with thermal lining is your best bet.

4. Choose your curtain headings and finishing touches. Since there are so much curtain headings to choose from, deciding first on what type of pole to use would help you narrow down your choices. When using tracks and poles, you may choose between pencil pleat heading or pinch pleat heading. When using poles only then your choices are slotted pocket heading, eyelet heading and tab top heading.

Choosing for your finishing touches like tiebacks, swags and tails, and valances must also complement your overall design concept and invoke balance.