How to Make Your Window Coverings Last and Last

Have you purchased window coverings lately and spent the national debt of a small nation?

Window coverings are an investment, and no doubt you have made the purchase because such products solve certain problems you have in your home, whether it is light control, thermal issues or just enhancing your decor. As with any other investment, you will need to take certain steps to consistently maintain the newness of your window coverings.

Here are some valuable insider tips:

Every 12 months, lubricate your tracks: spray silicon into the groove where all the little runners are. You do not need to remove curtains as silicon dries clear. Open and close the curtains briskly a few times to get them moving nicely. This is particularly important on cord drawn tracks, as it will ensure the cord never gets caught and breaks. Silicon is also handy to lubricate a curtain rod with rings that are not gliding smoothly. Do not use WD-40. It is petroleum-based and will make everything in its path black!
Most sheer curtains may be hand washed, but remember to check the care label. Remove all hooks and wash by hand or place in a pillowslip and wash on the “gentle” or “hand wash” cycle in your machine. Please make sure your machine is high quality, as some machines can tear at sheer fabrics. Replace hooks and hang whilst damp. Sheers will look terrible for two days, but will miraculously uncrease and dry into shape. The best time to wash is in summer.
If you’re using a dry cleaner, make sure they specialise in curtain cleaning. You may also choose to use an onsite curtain cleaner, which eliminates the need to remove and rehang curtains.
Dirty cords can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution which you can apply with a sponge.
Pelmets, roman blinds and swags can be vacuumed regularly. An onsite cleaner can generally keep them clean and could be employed maybe once every two or three years.
Perforated or sunscreen blinds are easy to maintain. Simply vacuum or blow them with a hairdryer periodically to keep dust at bay. Dirt and grease may be removed with a very mild detergent solution.
The chain control of a roller blind can be sprayed with silicone at the junction where the chain disappears into its housing.
Dry dirt marks on roller blinds can be easily removed with a soft pencil eraser. Greasy marks need to be covered with talcum powder and left overnight, before brushing with a soft clean toothbrush.
For nastier stains, there are numerous supermarket products available. Water damage cannot be repaired on fabrics! At the first sight of mould, get curtains professionally cleaned; if you leave the mould to grow you won’t be able to repair your window coverings!
If small pinholes begin to develop on the back flock or rubber coating of fabric/lining, give it a touch up with a dab of liquid paper.
Plantation shutters can be kept clean using a damp cloth. If white timber shutters are chipped or the paint is damaged you can use a little gap sealant to fill the damage (touch up paint is a better option of course!) Over time, shutter blades may become either loose or stiff with constant use. A high quality product will generally have a tension screw at the side which you simply turn with a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the blades.

Those are just a few gems that will keep your window coverings looking gorgeous and performing well for many years.


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DIY and Custom Roman Blinds – Are They Right For You?

If you are thinking of something that will add a new dimension to your otherwise dreary room, Roman blinds can be the solution you are looking for. This window treatment option has been in existence for hundreds of years and has been used by decorators who want balance, a dash of color, and an overall beautiful effect for windows in a space. Roman blinds lend an area a sense of style, comfort, and a measure of elegance that only Roman and Mediterranean design components can offer.

Roman blinds are readily available everywhere. You can purchase them in the nearest store in your area that sells window treatments like blinds and curtains. Also, these stores offer implements that you can use if you plan to make Roman blinds as a do-it-yourself project. Yes, Roman blinds are that easy to do that you can actually make them yourself. If you like shopping in the internet, then you can also look for websites that sell blinds. With both stores and in the internet, you actually have to option to talk to a professional maker of blinds and have something custom-made according to your specifications. This should be handy in cases where you have a Roman blind idea on your mind but you can’t find anything that matches your specs. This option should also be great if you don’t really trust your DIY skills.

So, why would you opt for DIY or custom-made blinds? Consider these reasons:

You can choose whether your blind would be lined or unlined.

Ready-made blinds are usually in the extreme when it comes to the lining of roman blinds. They either come with thick lining or no lining at all. In this case, you can’t really manipulate the amount of sunlight which passes through the blind. That would rather be sad because part of the charm of a Roman blind is the warm hint of light that can enter a room with the right thickness of lining. With a custom-made Roman blind, you can choose a lining that would suit your preference. Furthermore, some residential communities place restrictions on the tint or covering that your windows can be treated to, so having custom-made blinds can make sure that you incorporate these rules to your blinds.

· The fit is it!

Ill-fitting shades can prove to be disasters for your design aesthetic. Just imagine a person wearing pants that end above the ankle – awkward, isn’t it? That’s exactly what a window looks like when it has blinds that are too short or too small. Blinds that fit well makes the whole window look balanced, and thus, blends well with the whole design equilibrium of the space. With packaged blinds, you cannot be too sure of their exact fit, even if the package matches your window. If you let a professional window treatment maker or you yourself measure the fabric, what usually will come out is a blind that just fits perfectly. You’ll notice how smart your window looks, as opposed to a sloppy look that ill-fitting blinds exude.

Those are only two reasons why custom-made blinds should be right for you. Consider it and you’ll be glad you did.We are offering roman blinds that will surely suit your needs and budget. You can obtain more details here.

Simple Designer Tips for Roman Shades Blinds

Roman shades blinds are one of the best and the most versatile types of curtains because of their practicality and simplicity. Actually, this curtain is very simple so some people think that it does not offer enough style to improve the look of your interior. However, the simple nature of this curtain is the main reason why it is very popular for any kind of interior design.

If you are planning to use roman shades blinds to decorate your interior, here are a few decorating tips that you can consider.


Basically, Roman shades blinds can be the centre of attention or you can make it invisible. If you decide to make the blinds invisible to cover the windows without affecting the overall design of the area of the house, choose shades similar to the colour of your walls. This will provide a clean look to the room since the blinds will blend with the colour of the wall.

You can also opt for shades in colours or patterns that will contrast with the colour of your wall or furnishings. This will bring more interest into the room and put the roman blind as the centre of attention.

Roman shades blinds can also make a statement on their own since they offer total privacy or they can allow light to go through depending on the kind of fabric and lining that you choose. You can always benefit from roman shades blinds even if you don’t include any additional treatments. Try to mount the blinds within the window or you can also mount them on the wall and extend them to the sides of the window. If you want to add more detail without any addition of treatments, you can always put a decorative trim or you can combine two or more fabrics to add style.

The simple nature of roman shades blinds allows them to benefit greatly from other additional treatments. You can put drapery panels, cornices or other top treatments like swags or cascades. This is one of the best ways to add a little style or sophistication to your roman shades. Since they are very simple in nature, you will find that it is very easy to add treatments to this type of curtain. You can create a traditional or more modern look by adding window treatments.

The design details of the roman blinds can also be a great factor in improving the style of your interior. When you are ordering a roman shade, you can choose where to place the draw cord. You can also try to request a designer look like a flag top or you can consider a pleated or scalloped valance. Try to add some coordinating or contrasting trim on one or more edges.

These are only some of the designing tips that you can follow if you want to get the best designs for your interior through the use of Roman shades blinds. Follow these simple tips for unique designs that will fit any kind of interior. Your can see more fabrics design to your roman blinds here.

The Right Roman Blinds for your Home

Roman Blinds are outstanding window treatment made to affix to a wood made batten at the top section, while the material is reinforced and properly secured in place by dowel supports along the blind’s length. The material that is stitched to the rod types the pleats when the sightless is brought up up with the help of a cable procedure that is connected to the rod on either side.They are quick to set up, save up space, can quickly be managed and most of all, cost-effective. A lot of property owners use roman blinds or shutters when re-decorating their houses. When used with strong and shaded styles they make outstanding central items especially when they lay smooth against a screen. Though some may want to show their personal creativeness in their roman blinds by hand-making it themselves, the relax of us are better off purchasing from a professional provider for better wide range and more design choices.

The first thing you need to know in using roman blinds is to prevent using it for too wide windows. While dowel rods make a good assistance for the drapes, the weight relaxing on the rod will make it sag right in the center and may not attract the blinds effectively. Instead, for wide windows, set up two shutters together with each other.Some make success in their preliminary set up using a simply roman blinds which has directly base. This design is simple yet stylish enough. But for those who choose more enhance design choices, here are few more choices:
•    Bottom fascias introducing different shapes
•    Straight base sides with ornamented edgings
•    Contrasting borders
•    Double pipes used to directly reduced edges
Choosing the fabric
Not all types of material can work well with roman blinds; compared with the regular layer that just quickly dangles generally by your screen, with your roman blinds framework is important. With that in thoughts you should decide on a material that is properly or firmly weaved for firm managing. When selecting a material  design think of your blinds as a colour canvass. The design must be effectively based or well-distributed throughout the size of the blinds so that when all your shutters in the space are set smooth, the design would appear shaped and healthy. When uncertain, use lines and assessments for a much more secure option.
Coordinate carefully
Keep in thoughts the overall design plan for the entire area. Your design design choices must supplement, not engulf. If you need to add comparison to your overall shade concept in the space then decide on a material that does that.
Don’t ignore your budget
The price of your roman blinds or shutters may differ based on components used. If your preliminary option is something that you can’t manage quite quickly, be start enough to talk about this with the design professional in the nearest shopping center. Bring along a cut-out of your design ideas so they could give you the best substitute for your design programs.

The Different Types of Roman Blinds

As you all know, roman blinds have been considered as old fashioned and out of style by a lot of people because they don’t really have an idea on how to properly use roman blinds. It might be very simple for some people, but most of the interior designers are considering this as the ultimate window dressing for different kinds of interior designs. It is extremely versatile that most of its designs can fit any interior.

You have to remember that roman blinds are divided into several types and all of them have their own specific characteristics that you can consider when you are designing your interior. Here are the different types of blinds that you can look at.

Flat Roman Blinds

If you think that big bold patterns will fit perfectly in your interior, flat roman blinds will definitely be the best choice. It is a continuous piece of fabric with all the designs focused on the fabric itself. There are no horizontal seams and there are no added structures. The patterns are uninterrupted that will surely showcase the colour and pattern of the material.


This type of blind is very simple in nature because it is only focused on a single design. It might about big bold patterns or it can simply be a blind with a single colour.

Classic Roman Blinds

Though it is considered as “classic”, this type of blind is very elegant in nature and it is completely different from flat roman blinds. Well, it is called flat fold, but it is made from fabric panels that are horizontally seamed, which is usually 8 to 10 inches apart. This type of blind can stack concisely because of the pleating and it can provide a more structured and tailored look.

Roman Blinds

Basically, everything is also based on the type of fabric that you will choose. It doesn’t really matter what theme you have inside your house because classic roman blinds can fit to almost any kind of theme. Whether you have a modern theme or more of a rustic farmhouse look, you can find a classic roman blind that will fit to it perfectly.

Relaxed Roman Blinds

This type of blind is very stylish, but it is quite informal and unfussy. This is usually used on a busy family room or you can also put it in your bedroom if you want. Since it has an unconstructed feel, it provides a unique finish to your window. You can say that it is more of freestyle blind because it doesn’t look too structured like the other blinds.


Hobbled Roman Blinds

This is also known as looped, waterfall or teardrop because of its soft cascading folds that will ripple down on the fabric. When you raise it, the shade will stack nicely into the folds, unlike the relaxed roman blinds. If you will try to look at hobbled roman blinds, they look more traditional and tailored in style, but they can effectively make a statement to your window depending on your interior.

As you can see, all these roman blinds can provide a new look to your window and Kurtinz can provide everything that you need. If you think that you need a different blind for your window, you can always find that at Kurtinz.

Simple Facts About Made to Measure Roman Blinds

We all wanted to buy made to measure Roman blinds, but the fact that you need to input some important information to get the blinds is a bit daunting. It is very hard to create your own design so most people rely on ready-made roman blinds instead of made to measure. Aside from this, made to measure roman blinds will require you to measure your windows and it is a bit time consuming, especially if you are a busy person.

It may seem like a big problem to you, but for some people, made to measure blinds are like a great gift from curtain suppliers because you are given the chance to make your own blinds that will fit perfectly on your house.

Choosing the right blinds will be a big problem if you don’t know anything about it. Roman blinds are considered as a general pick because of its unique, contemporary design. It fits almost all kinds of interior design, but obviously, you need to pick a good design for your roman blinds. There are other types of blinds that you can consider aside from Roman blinds, but most people would prefer this model because it is easier to use, especially if you don’t know a lot about curtains and interior designing.

It is true that choosing a design is a difficult job, but you can always ask for professional help when it comes to this. Some curtain suppliers provide assistance in choosing the design of roman blinds. Most curtain suppliers have professional designers that will help you choose the right roman blinds for your Interior. By providing some information or pictures of your interior, they can help you choose a design that will fit perfectly. Some of you may not really want to ask for help from people they don’t know, but they are professionals when it comes to Interior designing, so you might want to think about it first before making a decision.

The price may also be an important factor, but it depends on your financial capability. It is safe to say that you can get a better quality fabric if you have a bigger budget, but if you are only focused on the appearance, you can get some more affordable made to measure Roman blinds. You have to remember that the design and the quality of fabric are different from each other and the price may become an important factor. You can’t expect cheaper roman blinds to have high quality. They can have the same appearance as the more expensive models, but the quality is completely different. If you have the money to buy high quality roman blinds, you should opt for better quality fabrics.

In the end, made to measure roman blinds can be a good choice only if you know how to choose the right designs. You have to remember that there are curtain suppliers who are willing to help you so you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking what you have to choose.

Afraid of Buying Curtains Online? These Facts Will Change your Mind

Is it really beneficial to opt for custom made curtains online? This is probably one of the questions that many people are asking because most of them wanted to buy custom made curtains in physical stores. Basically, they believe that it is always better to buy custom made curtains if you can talk with the curtain suppliers properly. It is true that talking with them directly can bring you great results, but did you know that ordering them online can also produce the same kind of benefit? As a matter of fact, buying custom made curtains on the Internet offers more benefits than buying them on a physical store. Here are some of the reasons why.

It’s Convenient to Buy on the Web

We would all agree that the Internet provides us a convenient way to shop for all the things that we want to buy. The same thing happens when you are buying custom made curtains online. It is easier and more convenient because all you need to do is to look for a website that sells curtains, place your orders and pay them online. The orders will arrive in your doorstep and you won’t break a sweat.

The best thing about buying on the Internet is you have a lot of choices, especially if you found a curtain supplier that sends custom made curtains anywhere in the world. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to go abroad just to buy the curtains that you want.

You Have More Options to Choose From

When you are considering custom made curtains online, some of you might think that more options won’t really be important, but these options are targeted to the curtain suppliers. You can choose from a wide range of curtain suppliers on the web. Well, some of them may say that your design is a bit different or it is impossible, but some of them may say that they can do it. When it comes to custom designed curtains, you always need a professional curtain supplier.

If you have more options to choose from, it will be easier for you to create the curtain that you want for your house. You will find some professional suppliers and there are some that are not too good, so choose wisely.

It is Cheaper to Buy Online

With all the discounts and great deals that you can find on the web, you can expect that custom made curtains are cheaper if you order them online. You can use discount coupons and you can find some great deals once in a while as well, so ordering them online will be a lot cheaper. Well, some of them offer free shipping.

It is true that you can order custom curtains easily if you buy them on physical stores, but the process is pretty much the same when you go online. You have more benefits by purchasing online so many people are looking for reliable companies on the Internet to help them.

custom made curtains

The Perks of Using Bespoke Roman Blinds

Bespoke roman blinds have been one of the best types of curtains not only because of their style and sophisticated design, but also the fact that you can get a customized curtain for your window. We all know that windows are not made with similar patterns and measurements so you cannot say that all the roman blinds on the market can be used for your window. Bespoke roman blinds allow you to buy a curtain depending on the measurement that you want. You can even choose the design and style of the roman blinds.

Roman blinds

We all have our own reasons why we consider bespoke roman blinds. We can always opt for regular curtains, but roman blinds are considered as one of the best types of curtains, especially in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the reasons why bespoke roman blinds became extremely popular worldwide.

If you are not sure if there are any roman blinds that will fit in your window, bespoke blinds can be a great choice. Some people are spending a lot of money in buying roman blinds expecting them to fit the window after buying. You have to remember that it will be very hard to repair a roman blind compared to regular curtains. If you want to make sure that the blinds will fit, consider a bespoke roman blind and get the measurements of your window.

This type of blind will work well with custom made windows. It is better to ask for assistance on how to measure your windows for the blinds to make sure that you won’t make a mistake in providing the measurements to the curtain suppliers.

Actually, blinds don’t have complicated designs like regular curtains, but you can always suggest your own specific designs for the bespoke roman blind. Some curtain suppliers allow their clients to provide them with ideas or specific designs that they want for the roman blinds and the cost will be calculated based on what the customer wants. However, there are some designs that might be impossible for the suppliers so if they ask you to make some changes on the designs or colours, do it.

Most of you are probably hesitant to consider bespoke roman blinds because they are not as flashy as the other types of curtains. To be honest, roman blinds are already considered as designer curtains because their style is already elegant. They can match any kind of interior design and they are perfect for any type of windows.

There are a lot of curtain suppliers out there that might provide what you are looking for, but you need to be very careful because some of them are not offering high quality curtains. When it comes to bespoke roman blinds, the measurements and all the other factors are very important so the curtain supplier needs to make sure that all the demands of the customers are met. It is also the reason why you should only consider bespoke roman blinds on trusted sources.

Simple Ways to Reduce Cord Related Deaths and Accidents in Roman Blinds

In the past couple of years, household owners have been experiencing a lot of trouble with their window blinds. The increasing number of roman blind accidents to children is causing a lot of problems to manufacturers.

In 2009, a 2-year old child was strangled to death because of a window-blind cord. A lot of people are already complaining about this in the past, but only a few companies actually reacted and improved the safety features of their roman blinds.


Deaths and accidents are inevitable, but the fact that even blinds can injure or kill children is something that every blind manufacturer should consider. What are the things that they need to do to improve the safety features of the blinds? Is there a way to reduce the number of accidents related to window blinds? It is true that it is the responsibility of the parents to watch over their children, but the blinds and the blinds should always be safe to use inside the house.

Kurtinz, together with other blind suppliers, took the time to check all the blinds that they are offering and included safety features in the manufacturing. As household owners, it is also a part of your responsibility to make sure that the roman blinds installed in your house is safe for your children. Kurtinz and other blind suppliers are already contributing so you should also take action.

The use of cord cleat has been extremely helpful in making the roman blinds safe for kids. It can be used for Venetian, vertical, pleated, roller and roman blinds. A cord cleat is known as a small and simple device that is usually installed high into an adjacent wall. The cords from your roman blinds can be placed on the cord cleat and leave it out of children’s reach.

Chord Cleat
A cord securing clip may also be used if you don’t want the loops to be reached by the children. This is compatible for roller, vertical and Roman blinds. This is the same as the cord cleat and it should be mounted into an adjacent wall. The loop will be secured by the P-shaped clip so the children won’t easily reach it.

If you do not want to use a cord cleat or a cord securing clip, you can completely eliminate the chain loop with the use of a chain tassel. This kind of safety device can be used for Venetian, roller, vertical and roman blinds. You will be using a single length chain with tassels attached on every end.

Aside from these simple devices, you should also make some adjustments on the design of the interior. The windows should be a bit far from any other furniture that children may use. If you think that the children can climb in specific furniture close to your window, remove it and change its position.

Accidents are inevitable, but you can significantly reduce the number of blind-related accidents to children if you are going to be aware on the possible solutions to prevent this problem.

Grab A Look At Created To Evaluate Curtains for Effective House Decor

Decorating a house is not at all a challenging process since the progress of customized alternatives has gotten down your buying risk to a lowest level. For example, the ‘made to measure curtains’ has thieved the heart of many internal developing customers.

The designed to measure curtains is an frustrating idea that aid to indicate your invisible creative skills. You can just specify your choice of content, shade, going and screen kind to the layer developer and then they may turn your desire into visible form.

The kind of screen is essential since their measurements may vary as it may be L-shaped screen, France screen, moving sash screen, single or dual installed sash screen, and cased screen. The designed to measure curtains can be coloured in black colors of bravo, wine red, violet red and Nearby red as well as in loving light red, white, silver, yellow-colored and soft green light colors.

They are available in different aspects from flower, geometrical, traditional, modern, marked, and simply drapes. Many online layer providers interact with layer professionals to design impressive curtains. They may choose the excellent content and put more initiatives to meet the fashionable needs.

Made to measure curtains bring in convenience and convenience to your space. The set up of layer rod is also an exciting thing where you may opt for train system, rod or pelmet. The layer posts are available in fashionable strong and perfectly designed timber content.

One may enjoy the complete complexity of designed to measure curtains only if he gives the appropriate size of the screen or entrance structure. First look at the total size of the train, and be careful that the curtains should not overlap (maintain 2.5cm width).

If you find that it is difficult to execute statistic by own, better seek the services of the professional to get the job done. Since when once the product is ready, most of the companies will never take liability for size issues as it had to be worked previously.

Make certain that whether you want the curtains to fall up to the ground end or you want it up to the screen ledge. Along with designed to measure curtains you may also order for related components like support, shutters of same content.

They are ideal for infrequent room structure and also fulfill the developing needs of various areas. Try to pick the excellent layer content as it should hold up against any wear & split and diminishing effects. Soft silk, pure cotton, sheets and pillowcases and man-made components are usually employed to create a layer.

And furthermore the interlining will add wealthy look to the designed to measure curtains and could deal up with varying weather circumstances.