Blinds and Curtains

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3 Facts that Will Make you Buy Ready Made Curtains

We’ve seen a lot of made to measure versus ready-made curtains on the web and as you all know, made to measure curtains always win the argument. It is because most people consider Ready Made curtains as a traditional way of dressing up your window. If you want a modern look, you will choose curtains with a modern design. The only mistake that they make is that they don’t have any idea that.. Read More

The Elegance Of Roman Blinds

There are different window treatments available nowadays. One of the most popular window treatments that UK homeowners can get is roman blinds. People often choose these blinds in their home improvement projects. Almost everyone who is undergoing a home renovation or improvement wanted to take advantage of this type of blinds. Basically, this type of blind is presented as blinds that fold horizontally. They are the most ideal window treatment that can block.. Read More

Chic, Stylish And Affordable Bespoke Roman Blinds

If you want to redecorate your home, bespoke roman blinds should never be missed. There are heaps of choices when it comes to blinds, but custom made roman blinds are the most ideal ones. Home is the most important place for a family. It is just normal to make it the most comfortable place. There are elements of home that must not be taken for granted, and among these are the windows. Getting.. Read More

Understanding the Amazing Facts in Using Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are different compared with the traditional curtains that we had in our homes. It is usually characterised by the way the top part of the curtain is attached to the rail. Most of the traditional style curtains are different because the poles are inserted on the top part of the curtain. It gives a traditional feel on the room. Pencil pleat curtains are said to be derived from the curtains.. Read More

Shoppers Guide for Bespoke Curtains: Things You Need to Remember

Even with the wide variety of ready-made curtains available in most furnishing shops right now, there are still a good number of homeowners that prefer bespoke curtains for their home decorating projects. The simple reason, of course, is that bespoke curtains can be made according to your style requirements. Having chosen your design inspiration and deciding on the function of your rooms, working on your design project with customized curtains becomes fun —.. Read More

Your Quick Guide in Buying Made to Measure Curtains

Every homeowner wants personality and style in their homes; after their entire home is a sanctuary of peace and comfort. Curtains are one of the most loved pieces of decoration around the house; its design, texture as well as design cut all define the individuality of the homeowners living in it. If you want to show off your distinct style and taste therefore, it would be best to buy a made to measure.. Read More

Things to Know on How to Clean Roman Blinds

Like any other furniture in the house, your curtains also accumulate dirt overtime, especially if you are using roman blinds. As a matter of fact, your curtains are like carpets on your floor. They can store dust and dirt overtime without being noticed. When you noticed that the color of your roman blinds is starting to change, check it right away if there are dust and dirt on the cloth. Basically, the dirt.. Read More

Simple Installation Tips for Roman Blinds

While looking at your plain windows, what are the common things that you think about? Aside from painting it or changing the windows of your house, curtains are probably missing. Some people do not actually consider any curtains because they think that it is not too important. Aside from giving you privacy from the people outside of your house, curtains also offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from protection.. Read More

What Are The Best Tips For Making Roman Blinds?

Making your own Roman blinds can help craft your skills. It will further enhance your imagination and add a great touch for your home. Though there are readily available roman blinds in the market these days, nothing beats having personalised blinds that you designed. If you want to let your inner artist help you, be sure to take advantage of making your very own roman blinds. When you take advantage of creating your.. Read More

The Breathtaking Beauty Of Made To Measure Blinds And Curtains

If you think your windows at home need to have the treatment they deserve, you should not worry. These days, there are different window treatments that can provide help to you. Your home improvement scheme can be successful if you will take advantage of the best window treatments for your home. Two of the most popular window treatments that you can consider nowadays are blinds and curtains. Blinds and curtains can optimize the.. Read More